Breast Lift Scars: What to Expect By Steven Wiener M.D. on November 11, 2019

Breast lift incision locationsBreast lift surgery removes excess skin from the breasts to lift the bustline. Breast lift surgery restores a firmer, perkier bustline that more closely resembles the breasts that most women enjoy in their youth.

While breast lift surgery can greatly enhance the appearance of the breasts, many women are concerned about what types of scars will be left after surgery. Plastic surgeon Steven Wiener discusses breast lift scars with our Scottsdale, AZ, patients prior to their procedure to help them be well prepared for the scars that develop after surgery.

Incision Options

The type of breast lift scar that is present after surgery depends entirely on the incision, or technique, that is used for the breast lift procedure. There are a number of techniques that may be used, but the incision that is best for each patient will depend on the degree of sagging that is present.

  • Crescent: The crescent technique is the least invasive of all breast lift approaches. When using the crescent technique, Dr. Wiener makes just one small, crescent-shaped incision along the top of the areola. While this creates the smallest scar, it is only suitable for women with minimal sagging.
  • Donut: As the name suggests, the donut technique involves one circular incision that completely surrounds the areola. Although this incision is larger than the crescent, the resulting scar tends to be easy to hide because it blends in with the darker skin that surrounds the nipple. This technique is suitable when only a small degree of lift is needed.
  • Lollipop: The lollipop technique builds off of the donut incision. After encircling the areola, Dr. Wiener will extend a vertical incision down the center of the breast. This technique allows for the removal of more tissue, which makes it possible to address more moderate sagging.
  • Anchor: The anchor technique involves the largest incision, which allows Dr. Wiener to treat moderate to severe sagging. This technique involves an incision that circles the areola, then extends vertically down the center of the breast, and finally, horizontally across the crease of the breast.

How Visible Will My Scars Be?

The location and length of scars will depend on the technique that is used. No matter which technique is used, scars will be completely hidden when a woman is clothed, and scarring can be concealed when a woman is in a low-cut top or bikini.

The darkness and visibility of a scar when a woman is naked will vary from one patient to another. Most scars start off red and raised. As the skin heals, scars should fade to pink and, eventually, white. Scars should also get flatter and less obvious as the skin continues to heal. However, the degree of scarring that is left once incisions completely heal depends on factors such as the tone, texture, and shade of our Scottsdale patients’ skin.

Caring for Surgical Scars

Scars are unavoidable after breast lift surgery, but with proper care our Scottsdale patients can encourage healing so that scarring is less noticeable. Patients should consider these tips when caring for surgical scars:

  • Always keep incisions clean
  • Never exfoliate or scrub directly on surgical incisions or scars
  • Massage scars to encourage circulation
  • Avoid heavy lifting until healing is complete
  • Refrain from smoking while recovering from surgery
  • Consider the use of creams or tapes for surgical scars
  • Always apply sunscreen if scars will be exposed to the sun

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