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Breast Surgery Scottsdale

Dr. Steven Wiener performs several types of breast surgery at his Scottsdale, Arizona office, including breast lift, breast augmentation, and breast reduction. A woman's breasts are a crucial part of her figure, and their appearance can have a tremendous impact on her confidence and self-esteem. Whether you envision having a larger bust line, smaller breasts better proportioned to your frame, or breasts with a perkier, more youthful contour, Dr. Wiener's attentive and compassionate care can help you achieve the appearance you desire. If you are interested in learning more about breast surgery, contact our Scottsdale office to arrange a consultation with Dr. Wiener.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the world's single most popular plastic surgery treatment. Larger breasts can complement your hips as part of a more attractive and feminine figure, expand your clothing options, and increase your self-esteem. There are a number of variations on the surgery, and Dr. Wiener can discuss your needs and goals to help you determine which options are best. Implants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be filled with saline or silicone gel, and they can be placed either above or beneath the pectoral muscle. Each of these options has its own advantages and attributes, and Dr. Wiener will tailor your breast surgery to meet your individual goals.

Breast Reduction

Breasts can sometimes be overly large, which can cause a woman physical discomfort, as well as self-consciousness and emotional distress. Dr. Wiener performs breast reduction surgery to help women achieve a more proportionate bust line, and experience increased comfort and confidence. By removing excess skin and fatty tissue, Dr. Wiener can reduce breast mass, reshape the skin envelope, and reposition the nipple to give the breast a more youthful contour. The final result is a beautiful breast that looks natural and helps the patient feel much better, both physically and emotionally.

Breast Reconstruction

Battling breast cancer is an immeasurably difficult experience. When overcoming cancer requires a mastectomy, or the surgical removal of the breast, it can leave a conspicuous, unwanted reminder of this painful time. Breast reconstruction surgery uses skin grafting techniques in conjunction with breast augmentation techniques to restore a woman's bust line, allowing her to enjoy an attractive, natural-looking figure and all the benefits that go along with it.

Breast Lift

The breasts naturally begin to sag as we age. Some women can experience a decrease in self-image when this starts to occur. To counteract the signs of aging and restore a sexy, youthful contour to a woman's bust line, Dr. Wiener performs breast lift surgery. Like a breast reduction, a breast lift often involves the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue, as well as the repositioning of the nipples. It can also involve placement of breast implants to achieve an attractive and complementary contour.

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