Best Bras after Breast Augmentation By Steven Wiener M.D. on September 11, 2019

Woman in a bra after breast augmentationBreast augmentation enhances the size of the breasts to give women a shapelier figure. While the majority of breast augmentation procedures are completely safe and provide satisfying results, it is still a big commitment for patients. After making such a commitment, it is important that they take every step possible to promote a successful recovery and support the ultimate surgical results.

Plastic surgeon Steven Wiener recommends that our Scottsdale, AZ, patients to consider several key factors when choosing the best bras after breast augmentation. This can play a role in a patient’s breast augmentation recovery and the long-term success of treatment.

Look for Supportive Options

Support is the most important factor when choosing a bra after breast augmentation. Support is not only important during the early days of surgical recovery, but also once incisions have healed and breast implants have settled. Although support is always necessary, a patient’s specific needs will change as they progress through the healing process.

  • Initial recovery: In the early stages of breast augmentation recovery, the breasts will require the most support. As tissues and incisions heal, patients may experience significant swelling. Our Scottsdale patients will need to wear a medical compression garment 24 hours a day for at least the first two weeks of recovery to hold implants in place, minimize inflammation, and support the healing process.
  • Continued recovery: As the breasts continue to heal, they will need ample support, but a compression garment will no longer be necessary. After the first two weeks of recovery Dr. Wiener should give patients approval to transition to a sports bra that fits tightly and securely across the breasts.
  • Long-term: When recovery is complete, patients can choose a style of bra that is more flattering for their new curves. Many women are eager to choose sexier, more stylish options than those they wore during the early days of recovery. This is perfectly fine, but patients should still look for supportive options that will hold breast implants and prevent them from eventually dropping.

Avoid Underwire

Many women get the support they desire from bras that have an underwire. Unfortunately, underwire is not a good option after breast augmentation, at least not during the recovery phase. Underwire can rub at the skin beneath the breasts, where surgical incisions have been placed. It is important that incisions heal completely without irritation, which could reopen incisions and increase the risk of infection.

After incisions have completely healed, our Scottsdale patients should be able to wear underwire bras without any concern. However, as a precaution, it is best to get approval from Dr. Wiener before reintroducing bras that have an underwire.

Size Matters

To get a bra that is supportive, comfortable, and flattering, patients need to be sure they are shopping for the right size. The size, shape, and weight of the breasts will differ greatly after breast augmentation, so even small implants can alter a woman’s bra size significantly.

Many breast augmentation patients are surprised to find that their bra size changes after they have recovered from surgery and implants have settled. Before spending money on new bras, patients should have themselves measured to find out which band and cup size will work best for them.

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