What is The Best Sleeping Position after Breast Augmentation? By Steven Wiener M.D. on February 14, 2020

Woman sleeping on her backBreast augmentation increases the size of the breasts to enhance body contours, address any symmetry issues, and give women the more feminine figure they desire. Breast augmentation offers highly successful results, but Dr. Steven Wiener encourages our Scottsdale, AZ, patients to have realistic expectations for surgery and the recovery period that will follow.

Women will need to make several changes to their routine while they heal from breast augmentation. It is even important that women alter their sleeping position after breast augmentation. The right sleeping position will promote proper healing so that our patients can get back to their normal schedule as quickly as possible.

Back Sleeping Is Best

The best sleeping position for a woman recovering from breast augmentation is back sleeping. Sleeping on the back keeps pressure off the breasts during the crucial early stage of breast augmentation recovery. This position allows surgical incisions to heal properly and also gives implants time to settle into their new position without any disruption.

Keep the Body at an Incline

In addition to sleeping on their backs, it is highly beneficial for our Scottsdale patients to sleep at an incline during the first few weeks following breast augmentation. By keeping the upper body raised slightly, patients can encourage blood flow, which will assist in reducing inflammation.

Sleeping at an incline also makes it easier to get in and out of bed without using too much upper body strength. Since the breasts and surrounding muscles of the upper body are likely to be very sore, an inclined sleeping position can ease discomfort and improve mobility.

Tips for a Comfortable Night’s Sleep

Back sleeping is not a position that many women find comfortable, and keeping the body at an incline can make the position feel even more unnatural. Since this position can be so beneficial to surgical recovery, we encourage our Scottsdale patients to try a few tips to help them adjust to this sleeping position.

  • Change sleeping positions several nights before surgery
  • If possible, sleep in a recliner or adjustable bed
  • Place a pillow under the knees to keep the spine properly aligned
  • Try spreading the arms and legs away from the body to improve comfort

Can I Consider Other Sleeping Positions?

Back sleeping is the best position for breast augmentation recovery. However, getting a good night’s sleep is what is really important. If someone finds it too difficult to get a full night’s sleep when they are on their back or sleeping at an incline, they can try another position.

The second-best sleeping position after breast augmentation is side sleeping. Side sleeping minimizes pressure on the breasts so that incisions can heal and implants can settle. If sleeping on the side, pillows should be used to support the breasts and prevent the patient from rolling on to their stomach, which is highly discouraged after breast augmentation.

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